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Janome Artistic Dress Forms


With a Janome Artistic Dressmaking model, you are able to unlock your inner fashionista. Featuring 10 different adjustments (and a built in pin cushion and hem guide) so that it will be able to match your body type perfectly. The Artistic Dress Form allows you to custom tailor your clothing designs to your exact body dimensions. Now the perfect fit is simple! Your exact measurements – 10 adjustment stations to get your figure just right; 4 at the bust, 4 at the hips, and 2 at the waist. Easily make adjustments to hand made or store bought garments to fit your shape. Drape like the professionals. Takes the guess-work out of designing clothes – you already know how it will look on you! Available in four sizes Petite (DF300), Small (DF400), Medium (DF500), and Large (DF600).


The Key Adjustment of the ARtistic Dress Making Dummy

No dials? No worries.

With your Artistic Dressmaking model, you receive an adjustment key to set your model to the perfect measurements.

Due to the limited supply of particular sizes of this dress model, we highly recommend double checking the measurements detailed with each size, to ensure you order the correct model for your shape. 

The Artistic Dress Making Dummy comes in 4 different dress-ranges:

– Artistic Petite:

Bust	28” - 34”	(71 - 86cm)
Waist	24” - 29”	(56 - 74cm)
Hips	30” - 38”	(78.5 - 96cm)

– Artistic Small: Dress size 8 – 16

Bust	33” - 41”	(83 - 104cm)
Waist	25” - 33”	(63 - 84cm)
Hips	36” - 44”	(91 - 111cm)

– Artistic Medium: Dress size 16 – 22

Bust	39” - 47”	(99 - 115cm)
Waist	30” - 38”	(79 - 99cm)
Hips	41” - 49”	(104 - 124cm)

– Artistic Large: Dress size 22 to 26

Bust	45” - 53”	(114 - 134cm)
Waist	38” - 46”	(97 - 116cm)
Hips	47” - 55”	(119 - 139cm)


Just like us – not all dressmaking models are created equal! You may find that dress sizes change store-to-store. Well, so do dress models, let’s be honest. We encourage all sewers to pay more attention to their measurements and not the dress size, as we all vary from bust, waist and hip. Find your size by measuring yourself and comparing it to the midmost range of the sizes provided. Remember, you can always add to a dress form, but you can’t take away from it!

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