Blackmore and Roy

Inox – mx3FG Lubricant Injector Needle 60ml


Inox MX3 actively penetrates corrosion and oxidation to loosen and free parts, lubricate, displace moisture and give lasting protection.

  • Dissolves corrosion, oxidation and salt build up
  • Lubricates and frees up arts, removing squeaks
  • Protects even in extreme conditions
  • Won’t gum up, become sticky, dry out or wash off with water
  • Non toxic, corrosive, static or conductive
  • No Acid, silicon, kerosene or petrol fuels
  • Safe for plastics, enamels, fibreglass, neoprene seals and paints
Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 4.5 cm