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Brother – Stellaire XE1 & XJ1 Premium Upgrade #1


This new upgrade kit takes your Brother Stellaire to a new level and gives it the same features as the Stellaire 2 series by Brother. The upgrade kit brings your machine to true state-of-the-art status with features such as 2-point laser positioning, matrix copy, embroidery couching and much more. It includes the new 7‚ÄĚx12‚ÄĚ magnetic hoop that makes embroidery edge-to-edge quilting effortless. Plus, it adds 50 new embroidery designs, 40 couching designs, new fonts and much more.

Brother Stellaire Upgrade lifestyle image

Take your sewing and embroidery skills to a new level with the Brother Stellaire XE1/XJ1 Upgrade kit. The kit provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to enhance your creative process and expand the possibilities of your projects. It includes a magnetic frame measuring 300mm x 180mm (~12″ x 7″), which can accommodate multiple layers for hooping. Additionally, it offers a couching embroidery foot with various applicable patterns, a 2-point embroidery function with an LED pointer, matrix copy functionality, and an assortment of decorative fill and line designs in My Design Center. Moreover, the kit adds an extensive collection of embroidery patterns, and a brand-new technique for dimensional embellishments. Lastly, for the XJ1 model, the kit also includes a stitch tapering feature with multiple angles.


Couching Foot Set included with Stellaire Upgrade

Couching Embroidery Foot

Add decorative finishes to a large array of projects with the free-motion couching foot.

7x12 Magnetic Frame included with Stellaire Upgrade

New ~7″x12″ Magnetic Frame

Create larger projects with more detail with this new magnetic frame.

Diagram showing new embroidery positioning

2-Point Embroidery Positioning

A laser LED combined with the 2-point embroidery positioning enables perfect embroidery placement every time.

New quilt patterns

Quilt Patterns

Couching patterns included with Stellaire Upgrade

Couching Patterns

New crochet and lace patterns

Crochet and Lace Patterns

New embroidery features

Matrix Copy for Embroidery

Duplicate patterns easily for an end-to-end embroidery design.

Stitch Tapering Function for XJ1

Updated sewing features


This firmware upgrade adds the ability for tapered stitches, allowing for a variety of angles to choose from.

My Stitch Monitor app

My Stitch Monitor Capability

This mobile application allows you to check the status of your machine from your phone.

Also Includes

  • 15¬†Additional IQ Designer Decorative Fill Designs
  • 12¬†New IQ Designer Line Motifs
  • 2¬†More Embroidery Fonts
  • 1¬†New Monogramming Font
  • 50¬†new embroidery patterns
  • 40¬†new yarn couching patterns and 1 new yarn couching fount
  • New¬†‚ÄúNo Sew‚Ä̬†feature


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