Blackmore and Roy

Brother Machine Accessories – Picot Foot 7mm F039N


The Brother Picot Foot rolls the fabric and creates shell-looking edges on sheer and very lightweight fabrics.  Can also be used with a straight stitch to create a slightly wider rolled hem.  Needle may need to moved slightly to stitch in correct position.

  1. Increase upper thread tension.
  2. Place the fabric with the wrong side facing up under the presser foot.
  3. Lower the needle into the fabric approximately 1/8″ from the edge and sew 2-3 stitches.
  4. Raise the needle and the presser foot.
  5. Hold the fabric from the back and front and roll it into the curled part of the foot.
  6. Position the edge of the fabric behind the needle and lower the presser foot.
  7. Slowly sew 2-3 stitches, making sure the fabric is rolling around the curled part of the foot.
  8. Continue to sew to the end of the fabric.
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 cm


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