How to sign up for a Blackmore & Roy Webinar (with pictures!)

1: Type into your browsers address bar.

2: Hover your mouse cursor over the “News” heading in the top navigation bar.

3: Click on “Events Calendar” from the dropdown list.

4: Select the Webinar you would like to attend from the listings, and click the relevant link.

5: From this information page, you can see a product listing to purchase your ticket. Click this box.

6: Add the ticket to your cart.

7. A pop-up will now appear. You could continue shopping if you like, but to continue ahead you will need to “View Cart”.

8. Proceed to the checkout page.

9. If you have ever bought anything online before, you will be familiar with these fields. Enter all of your details into the fields.

10. Click “Checkout via Paypal”.

11. The website will process your details (a spinny thingie will appear!) Wait a few moments…

12. Once the next page has loaded, you will need to click the big black button that says “Download  Ticket.”

13. Your browser will download the ticket. We are using the Google Chrome browser, and the download appears like this – you can simply click it to open the ticket. If you are having any trouble seeing the downloaded ticket, you can always open up your computer files (File Explorer) and go to your downloads folder and open your Webinar Ticket manually (direct from the source.)

14. When you open your ticket, your link to attend will be inside. Click it to open it, OR — if you are having an difficulties, you can always copy and paste the link manually into the address bar of your internet browser.

15. You will now have been taken through to a Webinarjam page, and will have to complete a final registration step (just so we can see your name in the chat box!)

16. Enter your name and email address, then hit “Register Now.”

17. You are now registered! You will need to click the link as you can see here – it will take you to the page where you can watch the Webinar.

— And that’s it! The countdown clock will let you know how long there is to go until Blackmore & Roy go live. 

You can always “Bookmark” or “Favourite” this page for ease of access (depending on your internet browser program.)

This means if you close the tab, you can get back to it later in one click.

You will receive an email reminder when the Webinar is 24 hours (1 day) from beginning, and a second reminder when the Webinar is 1 hour to go.

If for any reason you miss the Webinar — no stress! Every Webinar has a “replay” function once it has finished airing, so you can watch it later (as many times as you like!)



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