FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Blackmore & Roy’s FAQ!

  • I want my sewing machine, overlocker or embroidery machine repaired or serviced. Do I have to make an appointment to drop my machine off?

Nope — no appointment needed! Simply drop by the store, and one of our friendly staff will take your details. We’ll contact you when your machine is ready for collection.

  • Can somebody come to my location and collect my domestic machine for servicing or repairs?

We offer a pick-up and drop-off service to the Perth Metropolitan Area, but this is only offered in the case of a full machine service booking (ie, not for quotes or basic repairs).

Simply call or contact our store to make a booking, and one of our technicians will be able to collect your machine when they are travelling in the area – and we’ll drop it off again when it’s ready!

  • How long will it take for my machine to be ready?

Usually, we say five to seven business days to complete servicing and/or repairs. However, there are a few select circumstances where a delay may occur — for example, if we have to order in a special part to complete repairs, or if our workshop is under unusually significant demand. In these exceptional scenarios, we can discuss your expected wait times with you.

  • What brands of machinery do you service and repair?

We service and repair all domestic makes and models of sewing, overlocker and embroidery machines! 

  • I’m bringing my machine in to the workshop – what should I bring with it?

As a rule of thumb, it’s always easier for our technicians if you bring your foot control / pedal, and the power cord to match (This saves our technicians going to find a spare – if we have one!).

If you are bringing in a domestic embroidery machine, we ask that you also bring the embroidery unit and one appropriate hoop / frame. We will also need the embroidery presser foot.

Otherwise – this as all we need! 

  • There is something wrong with my machine – but I’m worried the cost of repairs will become too expensive for me. Can I get a quote?

Yep! We offer an appraisal/quote option where we will book your machine into our workshop, and the technician will inspect your machine and give you a detailed quote for the total cost of parts and repairs. This is available for $20.00, which is then deductible from the total cost of repairs. Basically, it works like a $20.00 deposit! If you choose not to go ahead with the final quote our technicians have provided, the $20.00 will not be deducted (ie, it is our bench charge fee — non returnable.)

Inspecting a machine does take time! We will get back to you with your final quote / appraisal in three to five business days.

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my machine, I just think I’ve threaded my machine wrong or I am using it incorrectly. Can you show me how to thread or use my machine correctly?

If you have purchased your machine from Blackmore & Roy – we offer you free, unlimited lessons for the life of your machine! But please contact us to make an appointment. Please make an appointment. We get very busy in the store, and we want to be able to give you our full undivided attention!

We can alternatively book your machine into the workshop for a technician complete an appraisal on your machine to ascertain whether there is anything mechanically wrong — an appraisal or quote charge is $20.00, and will take three to five business days to complete.

  • Do you loan or rent out machines to customers?

No. Unfortunately, this is not a service we can provide.