Dream Machine Upgrade – Premium Pack 2

Dream Machine Upgrade Premium Pack 2 Embroidery Designs Border Designs Fill Patterns Sewing and Embroidery Brother Perth Western Australia Blackmore and Roy

The Software Upgrade Premium Pack 2 is the latest XV-Series upgrade to help you get the most out of your machine. It is packed full of improved features including additional designs, monograms, and fonts, as well as improved software updates to make this the ultimate in your upgrade library. Plus, this Software Upgrade Premium Pack II is easy to install – with an internet connection, simply use the activation code.


The RRP for this pack will be $389.00 — but here at Blackmore and Roy, we are offering a special launch price! Simply register your interest via our preorder email link.


• Advanced multi-function foot controller with enhanced functionality
• Improved presser foot now automatically raises after trimming and lowers when you begin sewing which allows you to see how far along you are within each color or within the entire design as you embroider
• Unlock five new fill patterns when upgrading from Premium Pack I
• Improved fill pattern combinations to keep your pattern spacing even when using asymmetrical fills
• Now with Stitch Simulator you can preview your designs on-screen
• Five new embroidery fonts to give you more options for personalization
• 70 new embroidery designs including 50 border designs give you more options when designing your projects
• Choose from three Brother-exclusive monograms including Split Letter Monograms to add your personal touch to your creations
For use with: THE Dream Machine XV8500D, THE Dream Machine 2 XV8550D